I often need prompts to write something. That goes for both sketches and photos. I find it near impossible to start typing or camera snapping without something in mind.

In comes the idea of a 365. I can set myself a theme each week with daily prompts to help write, snap, or generally do something productive.

Would you like to join me?

I’ll post my intended themes each week and if you want to draw a picture,  take a photo in game or real world,  make a dance based on the theme, make a show, write a blog post,  write an act, or just tell a terrible joke.

The idea being it will help you past any creative walls you may hit, help you be more productive, or encourage you to practice doing something so you can train your skill in it. God knows I need more practice telling bad jokes!

If you join in you are welcome to post links to what you have made in comments a day I will post updates with link backs to everyone’s Flickr, blog, soundclouds or YouTube.

An example of week one :

Week One January –  Theme : Time

Spend a week creating things that relate to time.

Prompts :
1. Midnight NYE (What happened at midnight New Years Eve?) 
2. Clocks (Watches, cuckoo clock, steam punk clockwork automatons) 
3. Passing of time (rocks crumble, plants grow, buildings decay) 
4. Nostalgia (favorite toy, where you used to play,  CARTOONS!) 
5. History (Tudors, Hastings, 1941, civil war) 
6. Age (youth is wasted, grumpy old man, Mid life crisis) 
7. Running out (late for the bus, deadline at work, haven’t finished this act, I’m not ready to die)

Prompts don’t need to be hit daily, it’s just intended as suggestions for something you can do in line with the weeks theme.

Want to play along? Post links in comments to what you have done, and if the idea gains any momentum I’ll do weekly round ups.

Have fun,  and keep creating!


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