365 Week 9 – Health

What is the 365?

Week Nine –  Theme : Health

I have been coughing for 4 months. I have a few niggles with permanent problems. Tonight I am in bed before 8:30pm. So without much ado,  this week’s 365 is health. Good health and bad. Does a glass of wine help? What about fruit? You have heard the saying, time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana…. Err… Or something.

Health takes our loved ones away, but also causes us to persuade good eating and fitness regimes such as cycling and running. When it is bad, and you tucked in bed, what helps? Hot drinks, chocolate cake,  or 2 warm Jack Russell’s snuggled up to you.

So some inspiration for a week is creating things that relate to health.

Feel free to leave links to your blog, Flickr, YouTube, photos, paintings, screen shots, stories, gags or anything else in comments. If I get a few I’ll bring them together in a post at weeks end.