365 Week 8 – Growth

What is the 365?

Week Eight–  Theme : Growth

This weeks 365 is growth!

Growth has enough meanings to cover a lot of bases. Originally I thought of the growth of a plant, but people and animals grow too.  Buildings grow as they are built. Urban area grow, economies grow, people can grow in themselves. Learning new things and absorbing information and experiences to grow into a new person. Do you remember growing into clothes?

Beth! I am aware growth can relate to smut and there’s a dozen easy smutty puns here, but talk of smutty growth will be followed by a firm waving of the Daily Mail! Down with that sort of thing!…

Not sure if pun…

Also, dust bunnies grow. Ferociously.

So some inspiration for a week is creating things that relate to growth. There will NOT be daily prompts with ideas to further the theme of growth.

Feel free to leave links to your blog, Flickr, YouTube, photos, paintings, screen shots, stories, gags or anything else in comments. If I get a few I’ll bring them together in a post at weeks end.