Blue Moon run dry?

It happens to everyone at some point. Running dry. No more ideas, no content left to give, and no more fight left to keep something going.  It happens to Nai in world often, and I believe if its not obvious, I am quite open about it. So how much does Blue Moon and TotBM have in them before I run dry

Well, Blue Moon in SL is about to regain live music on Mondays and Fridays, along with tales told on Tuesdays, and Saturday events will be sparking up again. All starting in 2 wees time (acts are booked and are being booked).

In addition to that, TotBM, I have 100’ish short 512 character tales that need writing or editing if they are old to post. I have 70+ sketches to edit and post. 8 dance routines Nai made, along with the 2 duets. The plays… I might put some up, but some I still hold sacred. Catnip… Could I publish that to the world? Then future stories, I am still writing new ones. Then when I get onto them, the tales of Derring-Do. The 365’s. I would love to post a positive story each week too. Y’all know past my Daily Mail waving exterior, I am firm believer of positivity. Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, I have had offers from a few of you for writing articles or stories for TotBM.

So how long until Blue Moon Theatre and TotBM run dry? I imagine quite a long time… But gosh I have a lot of editing to do over the next year, and please forgive me if things do not happen instantly. I am slow enough on the best of days. 🙂