365 Week 7 – Travel

What is the 365?

Week Six –  Theme : Travel

This weeks 365 is Travel! So much travel! An electron travels around an atom, I travel on my commute, and on holiday, and to the pub! I traveled in the Morrowind game by them big strider things. I traveled in GTA around the city in a stolen car. Have you traveled to another country? County? State? Holiday? By Car? Motorbike? Bus? Plane? To a dance show? Club?

Theres a song that despite coming out long after my pub and club years, always makes me want to back to my yoof, go out on a Friday night, and catch the 607 from Uxbridge to Hyde Park. 1 hour 45 minutes, but was direct into town, cheaper than the train, and passed areas all my mates could get too. We would pile on the bus, take the top deck, as yoofs do, and sing badly to my mates fancy walkman that had a speaker! Traveling into town, singing loudly, looking forward to the night ahead!


So some inspiration for a week is creating things that relate to travel. Make a dance, a photo, RL or SL, or even any other game. Maybe a story, an anecdote, or something just a little bit creative to keep the creativity flowing each day.

Feel free to leave links to your blog, Flickr, YouTube, or anything else in comments. If I get a few I’ll bring them together in a post at weeks end.