Green Onions

The first sketch I ever wrote for Moons based on a terrible joke. Despite being open and having stand up comedy since May 2009, it was 2010 when we started doing comedy sketches on the Second Life stage. The punchline was terrible, it was met with agonizing groans, it was all performed in text because voice never used to work properly, but it started the continuing stories which we call the Tales of the Blue Moon. You may have seen it before, as we sent it to Nottoo to send to Dance Queens years ago. If you enjoy the sketch and want to perform it yourself, please do, and please let me know! I love to see our acts being performed by others. :)


Green Onions



Green Onions by Booker T & The M.Gs



Blue Moon Bar scene, MUST have a window in the back ground (can be a club of some sort, we just had a stock bar set)


Cast 2

Drinker – Man (Its British enough to be a woman dressed as a man)

Visitor – Woman



Another tale from the ever changing bar of the Blue Moon

In tonights tale we see just how far £280 can get you with a girl

In a small pub found in London



Visitor: Heyas cutiepie

Drinker: Heya there miss

Visitor: Aint you just the cutest lil thing, i could gobble you up so much

Drinker: /me blushes : Ooh… Err.. Ok..

Visitor: Mmm you make me feel so good just looking at you

Drinker: Ahh thank you, your pretty yourself miss!

Visitor: /me smiles : You know…. If you want to see more of me… For £20 ill show you every bit of my long luscious legs….

Drinker: Ooo… Yes please!

Drinker: /me hands over £20

Visitor: Mmm thanks darlin

Visitor: /me winks sliding her skirt slowly up her leg, stopping at her stocking top

Drinker: Cooooooor!!

Visitor: You know if you want to see more… For £60 ill show you my lumps…

Drinker: Oh yeah.. Thats a bargain for them melons!

Drinker: /me hands over £60

Visitor: Mmm thanks darlin

Visitor: /me slides her fingers under her shirt pushing it up her tummy, the fabric bunching under her fingers as it moves up her body. She flicks her shirt up giving a quick flash of her twin ‘assets’

Drinker: Coooooooor!!!

Visitor: /me grins : You know… For £200 ill show you where the babies are born

Visitor: /me smiles seductively

Drinker: Oh yes! I’m so having some of that!!!

Drinker: /me hands over £200

Visitor: /me leans in close to to the gent

Visitor: /me whispers in the sexiest voice : Thanks darlin…

Visitor: Now for where the babies are born…

Visitor: /me smiles sweetly

Visitor: /me points out the window

Visitor: Over there, St James hospital maternity ward

Visitor: Thanks for the money ill see ya round

Visitor: /me runs for the door

*** Visitor runs out of the door***

Drinker: Yeah… Thats where….

Drinker: Err… Wait….

Drinker: ACK!!!!

*Boom tish*