“Oh we have had all sorts of acts” said Nai. “Like?” asked Tarasee. “Musicians, magicians, chainsaw jugglers, comedians, playwrights, furry motorcycle display teams, we even had a faith healer once.” said Nai. “A faith healer?” exclaimed Tarasee, “How did that…


He noticed a peculiar crack across the bar top about 4 inches long shaped like a Cheshire cats grin. “Barman!” he shouted again. The service was as bad as the health and safety record. The plaster on the wall had…

Easter Fear

He looked at the cage. He hated that rabbit. Its white fur and ruby red eyes. They burned in the dark. Most children his age liked Easter. He hated it. He knew what happened to the neighbours cat last Easter….

Suitcase – By Vokey

Popping into the BM Vokey sees a suitcase on stage, approaching she saw Prudence’s nametag hovering over the suitcase. Thinking it some new trendy avatar mod she perv-cams to find Prue’s avatar actually folded up inside. Seeing Ailsa online she…


“I don’t trust Cats” said Nai. “Well I don’t trust Dogs!” said SathCat. “I don’t trust stairs…” mumbled Prudence. “Erm…” paused SathCat. “Stairs?” he inquired. “Yeah” replied Prudence. “They are always up to something…”