Owl Rebellion (2 of 3)

‘If you don’t’ declared Reala ‘I will feed this owl to SathCat!’ Sathcat looked please on the bar Nai shuddered and carried on mopping ‘You know I can tell jokes too you know?’ asked Reala Nai braced himself ‘What type…

Owl Rebellion (1 of 3)

‘You will build me sets and place all manner of skulls and evil things in Moons!’ demanded Reala ‘You are not going to do a cabaret are you?’ asked Nai ‘Yes!’ she replied ‘And you dogface will be telling my…


Nai stood at the door trembling. ‘What’s up?’ asked Reala in a mocking voice ‘That set is mine…’ he whined from the door ‘Yeah’ said Reala smugly. ‘You wanna know what else? I have retro fitted it with high grade…


Kat and Autumn were sat by the roadside when Nai ran up route 7 away from Moons being chased by a giant carnivorous plant. ‘Was that?….’ asked Kat ‘Yeaaah…’ sighed autumn. ‘Realas back then’

Mr Morpork

Mr Morpork stood at the door apparently headless. SathCat made a closer inspection and saw Mr Morporks head was actually tiny. 3cm diameter! Mr M sighed. ‘You asked Reala for a little head right?’ asked SathCat ‘Yeah’ said Mr M….