Kat and Autumn were sat by the roadside when Nai ran up route 7 away from Moons being chased by a giant carnivorous plant. ‘Was that?….’ asked Kat ‘Yeaaah…’ sighed autumn. ‘Realas back then’

Mr Morpork

Mr Morpork stood at the door apparently headless. SathCat made a closer inspection and saw Mr Morporks head was actually tiny. 3cm diameter! Mr M sighed. ‘You asked Reala for a little head right?’ asked SathCat ‘Yeah’ said Mr M….

Beffs Tentacles

Beth sighed. ‘When I said I had lost my job and wanted to get completely legless this is NOT what I had in mind!’ she grumbled floating around the room with a dozen tentacles where her legs once were. Reala…

Nikitas Request

‘I heard you volunteered to become a monster?’ asked Reala ‘Correct’ replied Nikita efficiently. ‘I wish to be a fire summoning demon to over throw my lying capitalist mock communist overlords and bring freedom to my people. Also, I want…


‘Some will be willing recipients of the monsters gift’ said the SathCat Reala nodded to the cat rubbing her chin. They stood on the balcony watching Carm and Nai flapping paws at each other having a woofy fight. Reala gave…